Anamorphic Lens

What more can be said about this amazing Australian and World first Cylindrical Lens? The only 5 element 2 air gap cylindrical lens on the market. The Xeit Crystalmorphic 5E is The finestAnamorphic Lens ever produced for Home Theatre. A step up from other traditional 4 element lenses in both design and performance. Razor sharp from edge to edge, brilliant contrast and even light illumination across the screen. The most transparent and lossless lens ever made!

It’s finally here! The Australian designed and made Slidamorphic Precision Lens Slider. Please see here for brochure and here for install manual.

The all new Australian designed and made Slidamorphic has been meticulously designed and engineered for the ultimate in extreme precision and reliability. It's simple design and minimal moving parts ensures unrivalled performance in the world of high end optical positioning mechanics. Each unit is hand built to rigorous in-house methods at our factory in Qld Australia and all units are thoroughly tested and checked before shipping to ensure reliable and trouble free performance.

Specification & Features of product:
· Unit Weight: 5Kg
· Dimensions: 52cm x 18cm x 7.5cm.
· External Materials: Aluminium, finished in high quality powder coated paint in satin finish.
· Power Supply: Mains adaptor to 12 Volt DC.
· Power Draw: 1 Watt in standby and 5-6 Watts (415 mA) when in use.
· Mechanical Movement: The lens carriage is mounted on a high quality steel linear track with a precision ball-bearing system, capable of carrying a lens of up to 10kg, with precise and smooth motion.
· Connectivity: 12v Trigger interface that allows you to connect directly to your projector's 12v Trigger output and program your projector to automatically activate the Slidamorphic.

Anamorphic lens compatibility
The Slidamorphic unit comes standard with a mounting plate for use with the XEIT Optics CM-4KR
(Crystalmorphic) Lens (as shown above). Most lenses use similar bolt on plate dimensions. If you will be using a Lens other than the CM-4KR your Slidamorphic will be supplied with the appropriate base plate suitable for your Lens. Please ensure when you order your Slidamorphic that you request the appropriate Base Plate for your particular model Lens.

Control & Operation - Basic Functions
In Normal operation, the Slidamorphic is designed to be activated with the 12v Trigger output from your projector. Connect the supplied 3.5mm cable from your projector's 12v Trigger output to the Slidamorphic 12v Trigger Input at the rear of the unit. The Slidamorphic has the following front mounted buttons and switches that perform the following functions:

· HOME SW- Sets the Home Position to Left/Right (see further explanation later in user manual chapter)
· TOGGLE - Cycles the Lens from HOME (lens out of light path) to "Lens ON" (lens in light path).
· SAVE - Stores in Memory the desired "Lens ON" position
· Adjust L/R - Allows single step, 3 step & continuous movement of the slider to be set to the desired position depending on length of time the button is held down for (see explanation in Installation Guide section).

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