Anamorphic Lens
Anamorphic Lens

Welcome to the home of Anamorphic Lenses, Australia’s leading Anamorphic lens supplier. If you’re new to Anamorphics and Wide-screen projection then you're best to have read over the technical page to better understand how it works and why you’ll ultimately want this in your home cinema.

Cinemascope movies have been around since the 1950's and Movie Director’s the World over use this format to create a more immersive film. It’s quite the spectacle when the curtains at the cinema open out to the walls to reveal the super-deluxe-wide-screen image which one third wider than wide-screen itself! Over 75% of blockbuster films are shot this way, and for good reason, immersion - To create that ultra wide-screen landscape looking image, cinemascope films are truly enveloping at a width to height ratio of 21:9 vs 16:9 for HDTV. And yes, you can do what's done at the Cinemas with a Home Theatre Anamorphic Lens!

Below: Testing the brilliance of the CrystalMorphic 5E Lens in 2010. Razor sharp from edge to edge. The world's only 5 element 2 air gap Cylindrical Lens. This image was taken at Oz Theatre Screens on a 135 inch Majestic Scope Screen - 3.15 metres wide!

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